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How to make Chicken Haleem Recipe ?

Haleem is usually made with burger and it tastes best that way. I’m posting this chicken Haleem equation for my dear partner Fatima who is first and most resolute fans of the blog. She has endeavored and given contribution on every single equation. In all honesty, she is most critical motivation to my blog.



Chicken-Haleem-880x485This is Chicken Haleem anyway you can substitute sheep or meat for chicken.

This is in like manner called khichra haleem, in light of the way that you are using number of lentils and grain close by wheat.

In case you need just wheat Haleem here is Mutton Haleem recipe anyway you can without quite a bit of a stretch substitute sheep for chicken.

I used chicken with bone in light of the way that the bones give you flavor full ‘Yakhni ‘ Chicken stock. In any case, you can use boneless chicken moreover.

Chicken Haleem is energetic thing and various people slant toward moment flavor mix. So it’s up to you what you slant toward moment flavor mix or locally built. I’m sharing a flavor mix equation additionally anyway you may skip it and use moment pizzazz mix, if you find that an issue.

I’m using different pulses anyway you can substitute one heartbeat for other if all pulses are not available.

Correspondingly, grain add relentlessness to Haleem so I significantly recommend incorporating it yet if you can’t find it, basically incorporate more wheat as opposed to grain.

One of the most critical indication is wheat should be totally cooked before you blend it. Besides, blend it extraordinary or the surface won’t be smooth.

Flavors are huge so incorporate extra red bean stew in case you like hot Haleem.

Chicken Haleem equation



Grains and Lentils

1½ cup whole wheat or broken wheat (300 gram)

½ cup rice

½ cup red lentil (masoor daal)

½ cup yellow lentil (moong dal)

½ cup Bengal gram (channa dal)

½ cup grain (jaav) , optional

* You can substitute one lentil for other. You can in like manner 1½ cup of any lentil.

2 tablespoon green stew stick

2 tablespoon ginger paste

2 tablespoon garlic stick

6 medium onions , cut

Oil to sear

1200 grams chicken with bones or 1 kg boneless chicken

1½ tablespoon red stew powder or to taste

1 tablespoon turmeric powder

Whole flavors

2 tablespoon coriander seeds

1 tablespoon cumin seed

1 tablespoon caraway seeds

1 tablespoon dull cumin seeds

1 delta leaf

2 inch cinnamon stick

1 dull cardamom

4 green cardamom

4 cloves

1 tablespoon fennel seeds

15 red catch chillies

Salt to taste


½ cup of oil use oil used to sear cut onions

1 tablespoon sliced garlic

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

Handfull of mint leaves sliced


50 gram ginger cut

Mint leaves

Visit masala

Medium estimated green chillies cut


A tiny bit at a time recipe of Chicken Haleem

Take all grain and lentil in pot. Wash it 3-4 times. By then fill the pot 2 inch over the grains with water and drench for at any rate two hours in warm water or in a perfect world medium-term.

Take ingested grains a colossal, thick bottomed pot. Fill the pot water with more water. Also, incorporate ginger, garlic and green bean stew stick. Convey it to bubble. By then decrease warmth to low and cover the pot solidly. Cook for 1½ hours.

Grain are cooked.

Incorporate around two cups of infection water, by then blend grain with submersion blender. Incorporate more water as required.

While grain cooks, simultaneously fry your onions.

A this stage onions slices start to seclude. Fry for couple of more seconds until splendid by then remove from oil and spread on a kitchen towel. ( Do not discard oil, we’ll use same oil in chicken and treating.)

These are the flavors I used. (The photo show just 10 red chillies anyway I used 20.)

Sear the flavors for 1-2 minutes until fragrant. By then empty and let it cool for couple of minutes by then crush into a fine powder.

By and by mix red stew powder , turmeric powder and salt in powdered whole flavors.

In a pot take chicken ( boneless or with bones) ½ cup burned onions, 1 cup water, ⅓ cup oil ( remaining use the scorched onion oil) and heleem flavor mix. Cook chicken for 20-30 minutes until sensitive.

Remove chicken with an opened spoon and set aside to cool.

Add chicken stock to the Grains pots.

Right when chicken is cool oust from bones and shred. (You can similarly use metal pounder to shred chicken.)

In like manner add chicken to grains pot.

By and by it a chance to Ghotna. ( The mixing of Haleem with an unprecedented wooden gadget for a long time until everything is combined and Haleem gets a tenacious surface.

For that I propose, put your pot on the floor sit on stool by it. Keep blending the Haleem with ghotna or strong wooden spoon for at any rate 10 minute or more. (Keeping pot on floor gives you a basic circumstance for muscles to work and put greater quality excellent if Haleem is in gigantic sum. )

By and by, take a preliminary for Haleem. Change if vital. To modify you may incorporate more flavors, garam masala , red stew , visit masala, in solidifying.

For solidifying warmth oil and incorporate cumin , mint, green stew and garlic. Sizzle for a minute by then add solidifying to Haleem.

Mix well and you Haleem is readied.

To serve take Haleem in serving plate or bowl, by then improvement singed onion, bean stew cuts, ginger and mint. By then shower few spoons of hot oil on bowl. Present with a plate of fixing and a cut of lemon. Appreciate.



1: chicken boneless 1 kg (cut in 3D squares)

2: chana daal 1&1/2 cup

3: grain 1&1/2 cup (or wheat)

4: masoor daal 1/2 cup

5: mung daal 1/2 cup

6: salt 1&1/2 tbs

7: red stew powder 1&1/2 tbs

8: turmeric 1 tbs

9: dim pepper corn 1 tbs

10:bay leaves 6

11:coriander seeds 1tbs

12:ginger and garlic powder 1 tbs

13:onions 1 cup

14:cloves 1 tsp

15:black cumin seeds 1 tbs

16:white cumin seeds 1 tbs

17:onion 1 medium (cut)

18:fresh ginger 3 inch piece

19:lemon 1

20:green stew 6

21:ghee 3 cups

22:water 1500ml


1: assimilate all of the lentils warm water for 2 hour.

2: cut the onions, ginger, green stew cut the lemon in 4 and keep aside.

3: pound all the whole flavors to a powder and mix it with the powder flavors and keep aside (you can use less red bean stew powder if u life it delicate).

4: heat the 2 cup ghee in a weight cooker incorporate the chicken and fry so it changes concealing, by and by incorporate the grinned flavors mix well.

5: by and by incorporate the lentils, water mix and lock the spread and recognize the weight so the it can gathered weight, when the weight moves time it for 40 minutes high fire.

6: after 40 minutes empty the weight to release the air (please the leave the kitchen at this stage).

7: consequent to opening the top leave it to chill off (by then grid it)and place it in a greater pot and keep the flame on low to medium and keep blending keep aside.

8: heat the remainder of the ghee 1 cup and incorporate the cut onion and fry till splendid on high fire.

9: incorporate the seared onion and the ghee to the grinned chicken mix, mix well.

10:when serving trim with green bean stew, ginger and lemon .

Meat Haleem Recipe

Traditional sustenance darlings are in karma today as the greatest online sustenance arrangement of Pakistan, your own unique sooperchef.pk is gaining the delightful and standard burger haleem designs to most of its fans around the country! The cheeseburger haleem recipe, every so often generally called the kozi meat haleem equation, is a pervasive stew in mom …

Strategy for Beef Haleem Recipe

In a pot, incorporate, gram beat, squash beat, Moong beat, red lentil beat, rice, wheat grain.

50 gm Gram Pulse

50 gm Mash Pulse

50 gm Moong Pulse

50 gm Red Lentil Pulse

50 gm Rice

50 gm Wheat Grain

1 tbsp Turmeric

Salt (As required)

1 tbsp Red Chili Crushed

1 tbsp Red Chili Powder

1 tbsp Cumin Powder

1 Green Chili

6 tbsp Cooking oil


By and by keep in water for an hour.

In a cooking skillet, incorporate cooking oil 3tbsp, burger, and cook it for 4-5 minutes by then incorporate salt.

In another cooking pot, incorporate water, soaked beat, burned meat, salt, turmeric, red stew squashed, red bean stew powder, cumin powder, coriander powder, green bean stew and steam it for 3-4 hours on a low fire.

After well cook, pound it.

for Seasoning: in a skillet, incorporate cooking oil, onion, cumin, red bean stew powder, ginger and garlic paste and fry it.

Your delicious Haleem is set up to serve.

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