This is a conclusive gulab jamun equation! They are rich, fragile, succulent, relax in your mouth and overpowering. Other than it’s so normal to make with this no-bomb recipe. I am sharing the customary technique where gulab jamun is made with khoya (mawa). Furthermore, sharing all of the tips and hoodwinks to fulfilling them.



jamanGulab jamun is one of the common Indian sweets where milk solid balls are southern style and soaked into the saffron, cardamom, rose prepared sugar syrup. During the dousing time, balls will hold some syrup and become fragile and succulent.

Have you anytime inquired as to why this baked good called gulab jamun? Gulab=Rose. The sugar syrup is improved with rose water in this manner the word ‘Gulab’. Jamun=Indian dim plum (characteristic item). The shape and surface of the balls resemble the dull plum along these lines the word ‘Jamun’.

Gulab jamuns (nearby various sweets) are often made during the festivals like holi, diwali, eid, raksha bandhan or extraordinary occasion. Various people buy these treats from mithai shop (sweetmeats shops) yet I by and large prefer to make them at home. So I know first, quality fixings are used and second, made with neatness and cleanliness.



jaman6Generally it is made with khoya (which can be exorbitant). Likewise, to a great extent it isn’t viably open in the shop for the people who live abroad. You can make khoya at home, anyway it will be the monotonous task. So in present day lifestyle, there are various assortments are balanced.

To make it clever (or vegan), it might be made with potato or sweet potato.

It might be made with bread.

Sometimes the little proportion of paneer (fresh cheena) is incorporated close by khoya. It is known as kala jamun.

There is a minute adjustment also called milk powder gulab jamun.

Dry variation – once jamuns have acclimatized the syrup then they are removed from syrup and collapsed into dried coconut.


If you are in India, you can without quite a bit of a stretch buy khoya from your close by dairy shop.

If you are not in India (like me, I am in the USA), you can buy a square of cemented khoya or mawa.

Or then again if you have time, you can make khoya at home.

In the occasion that using hardened khoya (like me), let it defrost on edge. By then crush it using a fine grater.

Measure it to 1 cup, solidly stuffed and use in the equation.



jaman2Take evaluated khoya, all around convenient flour (maida), warming powder and cardamom powder in a bowl.

Mix it with your hands and have a go at pressing the mix together. It starts to get together. NOTE: if using fresh mawa which has more sogginess in it. Everything thought of you as, may require more flour. No convincing motivation to incorporate water in the ensuing stage.

By and by incorporate a teaspoon of water immediately and aggregate it to make a firm ball. Make an effort not to employ like a player, basically gather. NOTE: If using new mawa which has more moistness then you may need to diminish or discard the water whole. Here I have used set khoya which is dry, so I included water for definitive. So basically, change the flour and water aggregate as indicated by your khoya/mawa quality, type.

Directly parcel the blend into little sections and make smooth balls. There should not be any breaks or wrinkles.

So additionally, make all of the balls. I got 22. Keep in refrigerator for 10 minutes.


In the meantime, we should make sugar syrup. Take sugar, saffron and cardamom powder in a container.

Incorporate water and turn the glow on medium. Permit the to sugar break up.

When it starts foaming, let it stew for 2-3 minutes and after that state of mind executioner the stove. We are not scanning for one string consistency. We need just tenacious syrup. Directly incorporate rose water, mix.



jaman7Warmth the oil in a dish on MEDIUM-LOW warmth for sautéing. For the most part ghee is used which gives a rich taste. Oil similarly works fine.

Oil should be essentially hot. Not hot as we achieve for pakora. Have a go at checking by incorporating a smidgen in the oil. It stays at the base of the quest for gold couple of minutes and subsequently proceeds top tirelessly, which means the oil is perfect for fricasseeing. In case the extra player proceeds top quickly meaning the oil is too much hot.

Incorporate one ball first and see. If it breaks while singing, incorporate insignificant more flour in the blend and make balls yet again.

Incorporate a few balls into the hot enough oil.

When it starts to have minimal splendid spots on them, keep turning and moving around for fricasseeing. Fry till they are splendid darker in concealing. During the singing system adjust the gas warmth to keep the oil temperature relentless and guarantee it doesn’t get too hot else you will have an unrefined bulge in the point of convergence of the ball.

At the point when seared empty them in the plate and fry rest. One gathering will take around 7-8 minutes. At the point when burned all of them let it cool for 5 minutes so to speak. Do whatever it takes not to incorporate hot, scorched jamun in the syrup, let it cool barely and after that incorporate.

By and by the sugar syrup may get cold. So basically warm it up. Furthermore, after that incorporate gulab jamun in the syrup. Jamun will skim in the syrup. If they sink in the base significance they are not burned suitably, they are overpowering and thick or they are unrefined from inside. Allow it to sit for 3-4 hours, during this time they will assimilate some syrup and will get to some degree more noteworthy in size.



jaman1Gulab jamun can be served warm or chilled or at room temperature. It’s an individual tendency. To serve warm, warm in the microwave for a few minutes.

Value this gulab jamun as a treat after a supper or close by your dinner.

Channel the syrup, cut the balls into half. Compose them on a serving platter. Top with rabdi and cutting with cut almonds.

As opposed to rabdi, you can use whipped cream.

Channel the syrup, overlap the balls into dried coconut or nuts powder by then arrange on the platter.

Or on the other hand top the balls with chocolate sauce or chocolate ganache and finish with pistachios.

Taking care of GULAB JAMUN:

At room temperature – it stays new for 1-2 days depending upon the air/atmosphere where you live.

In the cooler – it stays helpful for perhaps 14 days when taken care of in a fixed shut compartment.

In the cooler – gulab jamuns can be set and stays valuable for up to 4 months.

By and by, we made sense of how to make gulab jamun. We should encounter some researching request. If you have examined the methods above and followed them carefully, I am sure you won’t continue running into any issues. In any case, if something turns out badly, in case you need a couple of answers.


In case there is an overabundance of sogginess in the blend ball, they will break in the oil while sautéing. For this circumstance, incorporate some more flour (maida), gather the blend and make the balls afresh.

In case there is an excess proportion of getting ready powder included. So reliably measure with evaluating spoons, don’t eyeball.

The blend balls (jamuns) should be sans break (sans wrinkle). The surface must be smooth all around.

When included into the oil, don’t get in touch with them rapidly with a spatula. Get in touch with them once you see a few splendid spots on them.



jaman3If the player is depleted or rubbed like chapati blend than gluten will shape and jamuns will end up being hard.

To make fragile gulab jamuns, essentially collect the mix to make a hitter ball. Do whatever it takes not to knead.

If the balls are scorched on high warmth than they stay rough from within and gets dim hued quickly from outside. This rough center will remain hard even resulting to retaining the syrup.

How to oversee LEFTOVER SYRUP?

Make shakkarpara – rub the hitter with wheat flour (chapati atta), ghee and additional sugar syrup.

Make sweet rice – Soak the rice and convey the sugar syrup to bubble (rice: syrup extent 1:2). At the point when starts gurgling, incorporate rice, spread and cook till sensitive. Cutting with nuts.

Sweet cheela or pudla – make the thick runny hitter using wheat flour (or for the most part helpful flour), cardamom powder and syrup. Make cheela using ghee or oil basically like you make hotcakes.

You can harden in more diminutive parts and use as required.

Never anytime endeavor to make nimbu pani (lemonade) using additional syrup. It won’t taste extraordinary using any and all means.



jaman4For gulab jamun equation:

1 cup Khoya (Mawa) fresh or cemented

2 1/2 tablespoons All explanation flour (Maida)

¼ teaspoon Baking powder

¼ teaspoon Green cardamom seeds powder

1/2 tablespoons Water

Ghee (clarified margarine) or Oil, for significant cooking

For sugar syrup:

1/2 cups White granulated sugar

1/2 cups Water

¼ teaspoon Green cardamom seeds powder or 3-4 whole cardamoms

scarcely any strands Saffron optional

2 teaspoons Rose water

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