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6 Best Kulfi Recipes

Kulfi Recipes-Who doesn’t love baked goods? Especially, when it a smooth creation that is cautiously fragrant and set. One of the most revered Indian desserts, kulfi is known to have started during the Mughal Empire in sixteenth century. It is acknowledged that in the distinguished kitchens, kulfi was made using ice that was sourced from the Himalayas.


You may have trusted it to be a close by cousin of solidified yogurt, anyway that is basically not the circumstance. Sweets are made with an egg custard base with included cream, while kulfi generally has one basic fixing – full fat milk that must be risen for a significant time allotment to improve a smooth, caramelized season. Stewing it always for expanded periods advances the specific flavor and the staggering smooth surface that has had us trapped to this delight. Milk is stewed over low fire, till it is diminished by 66% and ends up being thick like rabri. This semi-united mix is filled molds or kulhars that are then hardened in ice. The way in to this dazzling sweet is the ideal proportion of caramelization of milk. The technique may require resistance yet the results are well worth.

In case you would incline toward not to perspire over the stove you can use a cheat recipe with thick milk. In any case, some should go the customary way not including on the rich extravagance and flawless caramel flavor. Here are a couple of things that you ought to recollect for best results, reliably.

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1. From time to time to stop the time people may use cornstarch/cornflour, ground up white rice or unflavored gelatin to thicken the milk. Some may in like manner add mava or khoya to overhaul the intensity of the flavors.

2. The more sugar you incorporate, the gentler kulfi will be when hardened.

3. For stewing the milk, use a wide pot with a colossal surface domain to rush the method.

4. While warming up the milk, keep blending it sometimes else it will devour. Sugar helps in singing down.

5. When you cement the kulfi, it will develop so leave some space in the structure.

6. Examination with fruity and nutty flavors. You can use lychee, paan, mango, dry natural items like almonds and pistachios and flavors like cardamom and saffron. Counting just a bit of salt can help balance the flavors.

7. Cool the mix before you void it into molds. Also, you can place the mix in the cooler for around two hours so as to keep up a vital good ways from the course of action of ice valuable stones on cementing.

8. You can use unimportant paper cups or treated steel glasses as molds if you don’t find the initial ones. Expansion the sticks exactly when the kulfi is semi-set. On the off chance that you’re using level molds, use aluminum foil to keeps the sticks set up.

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Repeat the extraordinary smoothness at home as we present to you our best kulfi plans. Endeavor this splendid Indian cake and you can express profound gratitude to us later.

1. Mango Kulfi


kulfiThis present one’s a customary joy. Use fresh, sweet mangoes for a burst of flavor. This equation used thick milk, so you cut down on calendar and work.

2. Trio of Kulfis

Three erratic flavors that everyone will love you for – kaju katli, guava and lassi. Prepared kulfis are in vogue and extraordinary to parade some culinary moves and interest your guests.

Three kulfi flavors get together for one magnificent treat.

3. Almond Malai Kulfi

A mix of thick milk and cream to skirt the extended methodology and extra. Use this recipe in case you have to treat your allies with a lively serving of kulfi. Incorporate some toasted almonds and pistachios for the crunch.

Served in a matki, this kulfi would be a delight to serve the guests at your next social event.

4. Pista Kulfi

The primary equation which uses full fat milk that is stewed till reduced. The standard kulfi stands separated because of the thick, rich flavor.

Prepared with saffron, cardamom, pistachio and almonds, served chilled.

5. New Alphonso and Cranberry Kulfi

It’s the season for fruity and mix flavors. Not your ordinary toll, this propelled structure is made without milk and only three fixings.

A straightforward summer cake made with fresh mangoes, sweet cranberries and lime.

6. Kesar Kulfi

Goodness of saffron nearby almonds, cashews and cardamom makes for this tasty kesar kulfi that you can without quite a bit of a stretch arrangement at home in near 40 minutes!

Malai Kulfi


kulfi2Smooth Malai Kufi is a delectable summer treat! Made with fundamental fixings, this eggless Indian solidified yogurt is improved with cardamom, dried milk solids and nuts!

Goodness I am so anxious to share the present recipe since I genuinely acknowledge that I have finally found the perfect equation for the broadly worshiped malai kulfi! For those still oblivious, kulfi is an amazingly common sweet in India and Pakistan.

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It’s our type of solidified yogurt, generally milk is cooked till it gets amazingly thick and diminished to appropriate around 1/third of it’s one of a kind volume. It’s by then improved with sugar, nuts, cardamom and saffron (for the most part) and after that cemented. The surface isn’t enjoy solidified yogurt anyway goodness my god it’s so tasty!


Really for me, kulfi over solidified yogurt rapidly. Not saying I don’t love sweets yet when I long for kulfi, I need kulfi and solidified yogurt is authentically not a substitute! In actuality thickened milk without any other person is an especially standard sweet in India, it called rabri. Kulfi is basically cemented rabri and malai kulfi is the most principal kulfi.

These days you gets a wide scope of kulfi in the market-mango, chocolate, paan and even I shared a strawberry kulfi a year back yet if you have to taste the most genuine kulfi, by then you need to endeavor this malai kulfi.

It’s clear milk, sugar, nuts and cardamom yet the taste will leave you requiring for extra! My loved one declared it as the best kulfi ever, so people you genuinely need to endeavor this equation!

You would reliably find kulfi on the treat menu of Indian bistros and that isn’t all now I in like manner get packs of kulfi at my neighborhood Costco! The main event when I saw that, I was so flabbergasted, like what’s kulfi doing at Coscto!!? We even acquired the pack – it had mango kulfi, malai kulfi and cardamom saffron kulfi. They were not horrendous but instead nothing stood out from the uniquely crafted stuff.

These days there are a couple of quick ways to deal with make kulfi using thick milk, disappeared milk and yes it’s mind boggling that there are these substitute routes in light of the way that truly you don’t for the most part have the chance to encounter the entire strategy of diminishing the milk yet if you have some time and determination, I particularly propose taking the long course!

What makes my malai kulfi so heavenly? The extension of overpowering cream, khoya (dried milk solids) and milk powder. You may skirt the milk powder if you need yet significant cream and khoya is must. I reliably add overpowering cream to my kulfis, it makes them rich and tasty. Additionally, since it’s malai kulfi, khoya is a phenomenal development also. It makes the kulfi logically grainy and gives it a good surface.

To guarantee your kulfi doesn’t have any ice valuable stones, you don’t for the most part need to do anything unprecedented. Just 2 things 1) decline the milk till gets amazingly thick. If the milk is thick enough, the kulfi will harden magnificently. 2) void the thickened milk into the kulfi frames exactly when it has completely chilled off. I understand people incorporate bread and all other stuff to guarantee there are no ice valuable stones in their kulfi anyway you essentially needn’t mess with it. My kulfi was as faultless as it can get and I simply sought after these 2 things!


To a staggering base holder, incorporate whole milk medium-high warmth.

After around 5 minutes when it warms a piece, add generous cream to it.

Allow the mix to arrive at breaking point and thereafter decline the glow to medium. Allow the milk to stew on medium warmth for around 30 minutes, keep mixing it in, you needn’t bother with the milk to slow down out to the base of the skillet.


After around 30 minutes, the milk will look exceptionally thick, presently incorporate deteriorated khoya and mix. Keep mixing this the khoya separates, this will take 5-7 minutes.

Once the khoya separates, incorporate the sugar and mix till the sugar breaks down.

By then incorporate the squashed nuts. I squashed these using my mortar and pestle and I suggest you do similarly. The coarsely sliced nuts give the kulfi a huge amount of surface.

Incorporate milk powder and mix. Stew for 5 extra minutes. In all I cooked the milk for around 50 minutes, it should get very thick before its completion and it will continue thickening as it chills off.

Remove compartment from hear and cardamom powder and mix. Allow the mix to chill off completely. If its all the same to you note that now the kulfi may taste too much sweet to you yet it will be immaculate. The sweetness lessens when the kulfi cements, so incorporate the proportion of sugar I referenced.

At the point when the milk has chilled off thoroughly, fill kulfi molds or some other holder of your choice. Spread and stop till completely set, around 6-8 hours.

Whenever cemented, place the kulfi shape under warm running water for 30-45 seconds and a short time later tap the structure on the plate. The kulfi would end up adequately.

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